What are Parabens?

In 2017, the makeup culture has become more prominent than ever. With contouring sticks, highlighting powders, magic concealers to a myriad of foundations, women who have a penchant for makeup are in no shortage when it comes to a variety of cosmetic products. But as with most beauty products, most cosmetics have a shelf-life and are likely to breed to bacteria due to prolonged use. To address this, many cosmetic companies have started incorporating parabens into their beauty products to preserve them and prevent bacteria growth.

Parabens have been widely used since its advent in the 1950’s. In fact, most cosmetic products contain them. However, it is not until recently that the cosmetic ingredient has garnered so much criticism and vilification. While they have a long history of safe use, new preservatives are not yet proven to have the same track record—especially when more than one form of the ingredient is used in a product. Some of the most common paraben products are propylparaben, methylparaben, and butylparaben. In the nineties, it has been found that parabens have agents that mimic estrogen in the body and 2004, it was associated with malignant breast tumors which gave the cosmetic ingredient a bad reputation.

However, while parabens have been linked to a strain of cancer, it has also been shown that the presence of parabens in tumors does not prove that it was the primary cause of the cancer which renders the study moot. Considering that there is no concrete scientific evidence to support the link between parabens and any form of cancer, it would be unfair to dismiss products with this cosmetic agent as unsafe. However, it would bode you well to be cautious and mindful. If you want to play safe, you can opt for cosmetic products that are paraben free or those that use oil-based products that do not contain water (as the usage of water necessitates a preservative). Alternatively, you can also use products that use parabens in limited quality.


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Belo Paraben-Free Products FAQs

Belo Essentials is increasingly becoming a favorite beauty product brand. Some people are still skeptical about using it, however. Fret not, below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Belo products.

  • Are there any side effects in using Belo Essentials?

There will be no side effects if the products are used as directed on the packaging. Belo products are safe because they contain no parabens and any other banned or harmful chemicals. The products are also dermatologically tested.

Using the products does not make any user immune from the sun’s harmful rays. Proper skin care must be observed at all times especially when exposed to the sun. For instance, use lotion with SPF 30 to protect your body and cream with SPF 15 to protect the face.

  • Can I use body products on my face?

While the products are paraben-free in general, Belo does not recommend using the products intended for the body on the face. The reason behind is the fact that the face is a more sensitive area. Belo face products have a milder formulation to suit the sensitivity of the face. In sum, Belo products are safe to use. However, make sure that you are using a product per the directions on how to use it properly. And ensure that you are using the right product for the face and body.